Custom Software Development

Mobile Application Development 

Business Software Development 

Get customized software that accurately fits your unique needs without the clutter of Commercial off-the-shelf Software. We provide: 

  • Web Application Solutions 
  • Mobile Application 
  • Game Development 
  • UI/UX 

We provide full-cycle Mobile Application development from idea to product launching, support, and continuous delivery. Regardless of the status of your project, we can join in at any phase to accelerate your product to a successful launch. 

  • Cross-platform apps for iOS and Android 
  • Hybrid and mobile web 
  • Native apps development 

Modern information technologies make it possible to create customized software for specific tasks of Improving your business performance by providing: 

  • Increased productivity 
  • Reduced Administration costs 
  • Automation and optimization of Routine operations 


Ovation Technology’s diverse team of specialists work assiduously to develop business applications that allow you to solve several problems in various spheres, such as: 

Human Resources Finance Retail & E-Commerce
Asset & Logistics Manufacturing Hospitality & Food
Entertainment & Media Travel Healthcare


Along with developing business applications, Ovation Technology within the purview of cooperation, also provides the additional services of: 

  • Deployment and integration of business software 
  • Development of additional configurations and modules, whenever necessary 
  • Software maintenance 
  • Improvement and updating of business applications due to changed business conditions and operational processes
  • Integration of business applications into mobile systems 
  • Personnel training

Software Development Consulting Services 

Do you have an idea for a Software Application, but you are unable to fully develop your project? Ovation Technology can assist you in thoroughly realizing your vision, paving the way to success, and bringing you closer to your end goal. Our experienced technology advisors use industry best practices to provide you with efficient solutions tailored to your business needs. We provide Business Analysis aimed at:

  • Evaluating the potential of your idea
  • Increasing the chances of successful market entry
  • Decreasing the time, it takes to enter the market with your product
  • Continuous support during the post-release phase

This in turn results in the following benefits:

  • Provide expert business analysis geared towards your niche industry
  • In-depth competitor, market, and Industry Analysis.
  • Deep Insights into market niches, and the level of competition present
  • Concrete feedback on the best market entrance strategy with optimal positioning, distinctive value offering, unique application features and a detailed analysis of target audience.
  • Comprehensive action plan for the successful application launch

Whether you are a Start-up, Small, Medium or Large Business, we provide you with a competitive advantage through:

  • Conducting a thorough market analysis and evaluate the concept of your project
  • Providing analysis based on the Technical and business aspects of your concept
  • Highlight key features and develop features that add value
  • Advise which technology is best suited for your needs
  • Perform a full audit and existing application or development process (web, mobile and desktop)
  • Generate solutions to refine current business processes
  • Selecting optimal technologies for from-scratch project development, preparing technical specifications, and conducting project management tasks
  • Perform a legacy-system digital transformation upgrade of your company
  • Simple and concise strategy to incorporate IT services into your organization

Software Integration 

We provide connectivity for IT systems, microservices & migrate data, including cloud-based data, from one database to another with: 

  • Data integration 
  • API integration 
  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) 

Our Team of Software engineers have over 50 combined years’ experience working on projects for some of the largest companies, such as Zoom, Arab Emirates, Angie’s List, etc.  

Here is a glance at our Software Development Tools and Technologies:

Front-End Technologies Back-End Technology Mobile Technologies Databases Infrastructure














Ruby on Rails




Andriod. Kotlin


React Native















Google Cloud







At Ovation Technology, we are capable of Manually testing Applications and we also employ several Automatic Testing Applications to efficiently perform diverse types of software tests, each with their own specific objectives and strategies.

Functional Testing: 

  1. Acceptance testing: To verify whether the entire system works as it was intended with real-time business scenarios. 
  2. Integration testing: To ensure that the software components or functions operate together. This exposes defects within interface, communication, and data flow among modules. 
  3. Unit testing: To validate that each of the software units performs as expected. A unit is the smallest testable component of an application. 
  4. System testing: To evaluate the entire system against the specified requirements using numerous testing types. 

Non-Functional Testing: 

  1. Performance testing: To verify how the software performs under different workloads. Load testing, for example, is used to evaluate performance under real-life load conditions. 
  2. Compatibility testing: To validate how software behaves and runs in a different environment, web servers, hardware, and network environment. 
  3. Security testing: To check how the software, application, or website is secure from internal and/or external threats. 
  4. Usability testing: To validate how well a customer can use a system or web application to complete a task. 

Our team of expert test engineers have over 50 combined years’ experience working on test projects for some of the largest companies, such as Zoom, Arab Emirates, Angie’s List, etc. 

Here’s a glance at our Manual & Automatic Testing Tools and Technologies:  

Selenium Webdriver Atlassian Bamboo Atlassian JIRA TestDirector
Mantis Postman HP LoadRunner Bugzilla
TestLink HP QTP Silktest Apache JMeter