Avaya Unified Communications simplifies the proliferation of technologies that businesses deal with every day. Our people-centric solutions integrate voice, video, and data, enabling users to communicate and collaborate in real time. IP Office customers with premises-based installations can take advantage of some over-the-top services like contact center in the cloud or disaster recovery hosted in an off-site data center. 

Avaya Cloud Office®

Avaya Cloud Office® is the only app you will need to meet all your business needs with one tap or click. Get a communications solution that will accelerate your business needs. Call, message, plan and join meetings, share on the screen, and see who is there on video, all in a single interface on your mobile device or desktop. Stay on task and on schedule with file sharing, task management, and virtual team rooms. Get notifications for messages, send fax, engage with those you need to, regardless of the location. Choose from 100+ business integrations to customize a true cloud unified communications experience.

Avaya Cloud Office can:

  • Easily invoke audio conference calls, adding up to six callers into one and split calls at any point
  • Empower supervisors to coach staff with options to listen, whisper-coach or join conversations
  • Start a video conference with a single click and invite global participants to join with local numbers
  • Stay in-sync with call logs, Favorites, and Messages across all devices
  • Integrate with Google Calendar™, and Microsoft Outlook® to see, set up, and join meetings
  • Receive notifications for missed calls and messages

Power of One Cloud Communications Solutions

More than a decade into the cloud-computing era, many businesses have been using cloud-based enterprise applications, like Microsoft 365 or G Suite, for years. These are great at helping companies become more efficient and leverage data more effectively, however these applications become even more powerful when they are integrated with a cloud communication app.

Integrations in a cloud communication system makes the whole enterprise ecosystem much greater than the sum of its parts. Cloud0based communications deliver critical advantages over on-premises communication tools:

  • Modern generation of cloud0based communications tools increase productivity and streamline workflows.
  • Cloud-based communications give businesses more flexibility to run operations from anywhere
  • A cloud-based centralized communication hub provides a better user experience because it eliminates the need to learn outdated interfaces.
  • Also makes it easier to store and back up communication data like calls or recordings directly in the cloud, where they are accessible anywhere.

Business Communications and Application

Successful companies must combine business productivity suites with purpose-built communications solutions to empower employees with a full range of functionality that want and need to perform the best at their jobs. Enterprise applications and cloud communications and collaboration solutions relieve lack of flow and movement in enterprise workflows. Rather than toggling endlessly between disconnected apps and multiple times per day, users can access the functionalities from within one hub.

Online Meetings for a New Generation of Work

Video’s rapid growth as a business communication solution arrives amid the backdrop of a dramatically shifting workforce. Remote working grew at a steady pace until the pandemic struck, where now over 72% of employees work from home or away from their office. Even after the pandemic, 38% of executives say employees will continue to work remotely for more than two days a week.

Benefits of Online Meetings

Video meetings have the potential to be even more productive than actual in-person meetings, with the ability to share files, chat, and record meetings amongst other features. The benefits of online meetings include:

Key Features 

Enterprise-Grade Video Conferencing 

  • Avaya Cloud Office Video delivers high-quality HD audio and video experience to users. This can go up to 720p resolution video quality and 1080p resolution for content.  

No Downloads, No Waiting 

  • Avaya Cloud Office lets you join a mobile client, desktop client, or any browser, so there are no downloads and no waiting. Just one click and you are in, offering the rich, HD-quality experience you expect, including screen sharing and annotation. 

One App for All Your Communications 

  • Avaya Cloud Office provides a seamless unified communications experience, across both mobile and desktop, that includes phone, messaging, SMS, and fax. Avaya Cloud Office delivers a powerful contextual experience that begins prior to your meeting and extends well beyond it.