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Building on a 100 year history of innovation and audio expertise with sister company, leading hearing aid manufacturer GN Resound, Jabra creates a broad range of award-winning hands free solutions that increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide seamless connectivity to contact centers, office and mobile professionals around the world.



Global Leader in Handsfree Audio Solutions

 More than 140 years in communications
 Audio knowledge base encompasses multiple divisions
 Devices for consumers & professionals
 Resound – Beltone/Interton
 Otometrics – Audiological measurement & software
 Mobile & entertainment solutions
 Business solutions
 R&D/Engineering managed by world’s leading audiologists

Customer-Centric Innovation

 Industry first-to-market leadership
 First Bluetooth® headset for mobile phones
 Digital wireless/touch screen technology
 Ultra Noise Cancelling/Blackout microphones
 Bluetooth 2.1
 Extended wireless range – 450’
 100% firmware upgradeable devices

Unmatched Design & Durability

 Award-winning portfolio
 Numerous Global Design Awards
 High durability components – surgical steel/Kevlar/gold connectors
 360° rotational booms –1 yr/ 2 yr/3 yr unconditional warranties
 Excellent sound quality, comfort, and reliability

Contact Center Programs

 Award Winning new Jabra BIZ™ 2300  Contact Center Segment Promotions  Trade-UP Program  2300 Key Account Trial Program  Move Up Trade In Program- visit www.jabra.com/moveup  

UC Programs

  Avaya, Cisco, Microsoft and BT/Dolby trial and Deployment offers  Microsoft and Cisco POC offers  SpeakFree Wireless Promotion- visit www.jabra.com/speakfreewww.jabra.com/campaigns  

Support—Field Sales

   Pre-Sales/Technical Support Consultants: 888.458.0486 Availability: Mon – Fri, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm EST Phone Support: 888.458.0486 Email: Jabrasupport.us@jabra.com Click to Chat: www.Jabra.com/ClicktoChat  360 Degree Services Post-Sale Support: 866.697.8757  Consistent Partner & end User survey rankings exceeding 97%

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