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ExacqVision A-Series Desktop Hybrid Servers Scalable, Professional Grade Hybrid Systems

•  All in One Solution — Video recording, web/mobile client hosting, and local live video display from the same server.

•  Network Video Recording Servers - Hybrid Camera Servers — Record IP cameras, encoders and analog cameras.      Live and recorded video viewable through free exacqVision client application.

•  Up to 96 Cameras Per Server, 4 or 8 IP Camera Licenses Included —Up to 32 analog and 64 IP cameras per server.      Compatible with over 1,800 IP camera models. Continuously record up to 550Mbps of video. 

•  Enterprise-Class Storage — Up to 8TB of storage per server using continuous duty enterprise-class drives.  

•  Cross-Compatible Local, Remote and Mobile User Interfaces — Access live and recorded      video on multiple client PCs with free Windows, Mac or Linux client application. exacqVision      web server application is pre-installed on the server to access video through a web browser or      free Mobile iPhone/iPad and Android apps.

•  Professional Chassis for All Requirements — Compact desktop chassis ideal for space constrained applications.

•  Unlimited Scalability — Pre-loaded with exacqVision Professional video management system software. Easily      add additional IP camera licenses and change out cameras. Add unlimited additional servers for greater capacity or      dispersed geographic location. Manage individual systems from the same user interface or upgrade to exacqVision      Enterprise to easily manage multiple servers simultaneously.

•  CPU Upgrade Option — Available CPU upgrade option increases local client and web server performance up to      100% and enables hosting of Certified Software Applications (CSA) such as video analytics or point-of-sale interfaces      on exacqVision servers. CSAs are software developed by Exacq technology partners and tested by Exacq for reliable      operation on exacqVision servers. Save hardware costs, rack space, and support costs by loading multiple     applications on one exacqVision server. 

•  3-Year Hardware Warranty, 3-Year Software Subscription Agreement (SSA) — 3-year hardware warranty and SSA      included. Update client, server and web server software with the latest exacqVision software features at no      additional cost during the 3-year SSA period. IP camera licenses never expire.




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