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Inverse Chain Technology

Datto's Inverse Chain Technology is the innovation that replaces traditional backups with the elegance of asynchronous mirroring, unifying a smarter backup.

All application-consistent recovery points for a protected server are Copy-on-Write snapshots on a shared ZFS volume, and they can be managed without the limitations that traditionally apply to chains of dependent incremental backups. The end result is a more efficient and resilient backup solution, a more affordable unified business continuity model that accelerates recovery, and a DR solution that seamlessly extends to the Datto Cloud.

Inverse Chain Technology provides

  • Decoupled retention planning from backup management: Delete backups without ever having to reset the backup chain, with freedom to keep different sets of recover points locally vs. in the Datto Cloud
  • Unified backup and business continuity: All recovery points are fully constructed application-consistent image backups
  • Improved RTO and RPO: Back up servers as frequently as every 5 minutes, automate DR testing, and never create any backup dependency chains
  • Optimal storage efficiency: Control backup storage costs with incremental-only backups, inline compression and inline data deduplication

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