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The Aruba Central network management solution, a software-as-a-service subscription in the cloud, gives you streamlined management for multiple Aruba Instant™ wireless LANs. Aruba Central is a key component of Aruba cloud Wi-Fi, which includes Aruba Instant access points managed by a lead AP with embedded controller functionality and the Aruba Mobility Access Switch line. With the Aruba cloud Wi-Fi solution, all data and control traffic stay local in the Instant WLAN, while management data goes to Aruba Central in the cloud. This means you have no management appliances to install and maintain, which keeps costs low. Plus, your network stays available, since you have all the functionality you need locally, with no dependence on WAN links.


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Monitoring Dashboard

When you first log in, you have access to your Aruba Instant AP and Mobility Access Switch list, automatically populated into Aruba Central at your time of purchase, to make getting started quick and easy. After setting up, you’ll see a dashboard view with a Google map that lets you quickly find the network location you’re interested in. Aruba automatically matches your APs and switches with your Aruba Central subscription so they show in the dashboard with no manual effort on your side. This dashboard gives you a summary of the health of all networks, APs, switches, ports, clients and alerts, and allows you to drill down for more information. From here you can also create reports, manage configurations and group Aruba devices together for simple management.

AP Trouble Shooting From the dashboard, you can see an overview of any AP or client that might need attention, flagged in an easy-to-read section. To check an alert on an AP or client, you can search by AP name, MAC address or serial number or any other attribute – and then click on the device for more detailed information. This gives you details about connected clients, memory usage and firmware to help you troubleshoot quickly. You also have the option to launch the command line interface (CLI) directly into the AP.



Client Trouble Shooting

You can access client information from the same dashboard view that appears when you log in. There’s a summary of all clients with a section for flagged clients that need attention. Drill-down screens that track individual Wi-Fi client data – including signal strength, speed, association history, and device type – make it quick and easy to troubleshoot.

Additionally, in the real world, customers need the ability to have small configurations that are specific to locations. Aruba Central provides this flexibility by allowing you to change a configuration for a specific Instant WLAN.


To simplify managing the firmware versions and configurations for many APs and switches, Aruba Central lets you create groups. When you place an Aruba product into a group, it automatically inherits the configuration and firmware assigned to that group. This means you can create one configuration and assign it to many products, which dramatically reduces the time you would spend making manual changes.


Zero Touch Provisioning

It’s often not possible to have a wireless IT expert at remote sites. Rather than send an expert to deploy new Instant APs and switches, Aruba Central lets you preconfigure them in the cloud, and Aruba ships them directly to a remote site or home. A non-technical person then plugs-in the Instant AP or switch, and it automatically sets itself up. In the background, Aruba matches the serial number of all products you order with your Aruba Central subscription. You assign a configuration – simply by adding the new AP or switch to a network group – and then when the product first powers up, it checks with Aruba Central for its assigned configuration and firmware.


Maintenance and Client Firmware

 Aruba Central automatically checks for the latest version of firmware available for your Instant APs and switches, which is available for free. You are notified in the Aruba Central maintenance tab, which lets you perform one-click firmware updates for all Aruba products in a network or do more specific scheduling and updating.




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